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Robust Marketing

Robust Marketing is a Level 1 BBBEE Media Management Consultancy. At Robust Marketing we believe in delivering sound, results-driven return to our clients nationally and internationally. The simple truth is this: Our multi-faceted team of industry professionals will help you reduce complexity and give you more value from our bouquet of services because we believe in backing robust service with robust knowledge for the reason that our clients matter.

If you’re interested in growing your market share and amplifying your brand share of voice, then you’re in the right place. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll take care of the rest – it’s that easy.

About Us

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Media Strategy

We embrace a people-centric approach to media buying. Our robust team analyses clients’ current and historical audience data to develop a strategically sound and targeted media approach that is tailored for their vertical and specific KPIs.

Media Planning

We are a powerhouse team of media professionals who continuously push the boundaries of how technology and media intersect. Our Robust Professionals are adept at the process of identifying, assessing, and selecting media channels and platforms to reach a well-defined target audience.

Media Buying

Robust Team employs rigorous scrutiny, creativity and constant evaluation - as well as staunch negotiation skills and buying power bringing you the most cost effective solutions in an ever changing world. We know how to buy the most efficient media for you our valued clients to meet your goals and stay on brand—as well as budget.

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