Our robust approach to strategy means that we take time, caution, and care to understand your business, your brand, your needs, and the overall industry climate to give you the silver bullet that gets you the results you so rightfully deserve. Following a robust and carefully constructed process, we investigate your historical efforts and audience data to develop a sound strategy that is tailored to your needs.

The Robust Team understands the importance of delivering the right message at the right time, in the right place, and will identify the characteristics of the target audience or market, define the features of the media to be used, and work with the intent to influence the behaviours of the audience.

  • Robust media planners are efficiently able to determine the most cost-effective media mix to satisfy your objectives without any hesitation.
  • Robust strategies are designed to deliver on your objectives and achieve an optimum level of exposure in terms of both reach and frequency.
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Target audience strategies

  • Media use
  • Geography
  • Consumption patterns

Media mix selection

  • Using a variety of media to get your message out to customers
  • Media selection is based on message needs

Cost Efficiency

  • Cost per thousand – CPM = cost of message unit/gross impressions x 1,000
  • Cost per point – CPP = cost of message unit/program or issue rating

Scheduling Strategies

  • Timing strategies
    • Duration: How long
    • Continuity: How often
  • The media budget
    • An initial assessment of the amount of money available determines media used

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