Robust Marketing is home to some of the most effective negotiators who are proficient in the art of securing high value bookings at the most competitive rates. Our buying power means that your are able to place your message in the right place at the right time, at a cost that meets your budgetary requirements.

We’re committed to supporting your brand’s creative direction and provide timely tracking and reporting of your reach. Our full suite of integrated media planning, buying, and reporting services means that you reap the benefits whilst we take care of the rest. You won’t have to do a thing.

When partnering with the Robust Team, you can be assured of media planning and buying across:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Out of Home
  • Digital
    • Paid Search
    • Social Media
  • Display and Video Ads

We are exceptionally proud of our track record with both B2B and B2C clients, having worked with brands around the globe. Contact us today and experience Robust results for yourself. You’re going to love this.

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Providing inside info

  • Media buyers are important information sources for media planners
  • Close enough to day-to-day changes in media popularity and pricing to be a constant source of inside information

Selecting Media Vehicles

  • Choose the best vehicles that fit the target audience’s aperture
  • The media planner lays out the direction; the buyer is responsible for choosing specific vehicles


  • Media buyers pursue special advantages for clients
  • Locate the desired vehicles and negotiate and maintain satisfactory schedule and rates

Preferred Positions

  • Locations in print media that offer readership advantages
  • Preferred positions often carry a premium surcharge

Extra Support Offers

  • Value-added media services
    • Contests
    • Special events
    • Merchandising space at stores
    • Displays
    • Trade-directed newsletters

Billing & Payment

  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to make payments to various media
  • The agency is contractually obligated to pay the invoice on behalf of the client

Monitoring the Buy

  • The media buyer tracks the performance of the media plan as it is implemented, as well as afterward
  • >Poorly performing vehicles must be replaced or costs must be modified


  • A policy of compensating for missed positions or errors in handling the message presentation.
  • Ensure that the advertiser is compensated appropriately when they occur

Post-campaign Eval

  • Once a campaign is completed, the planner compares the plan’s expectations and forecasts with what actually happened
  • Provides guidance for future media plans

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